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Welcome to the official web-site of "Bozhinoski - Real Estate"

Do not be surprised if you hear that "Bozhinoski" mixes business and pleasure.

We take pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction, thanks to the attributes we select, the offers we prepare with great care, the attractive locations we offer, our aim to maximize the legal protection, as well as a team of top professionals.

That is what we offer – professionally and with guarantee.

Some things are simply priceless. Yet, they can be earned. One of the ways to earn is to give your trust to a professional team and in the same time feel like a superior client in a sea full of clients, while being satisfied and confident with the choice you made.

Long ago we decided to unconditionally dedicate ourselves to our calling, to set new standards for expertise and professionalism, to accept and understand your needs without hesitation, to work for your comfort and safety… persistently, professionally, confidentially…

We are brokers, cooperators and guides for all parties equally. For us, the client is more than just a name in the notebook.

Unlike others, the goals set by “Bozhinoski” are:

  • Superior personal contact,

  • Understanding of the individual needs,

  • Client-oriented, prioritizing someone’s desires, plans and dreams.


Our vision is to achieve the highest possible standards in the real estate business, making our agency a synonym for confidence and security while choosing real estate, as well as a preferred real estate agency in the area of operation.


Bozhinoski – Real Estate” has been established to provide the highest service quality in real estate mediation.

Our service proposition will be delivered to each and every client with the utmost professionalism, integrity, timeliness, confidentiality, credibility, honesty and respect. These values are not only conveyed to our clients, but are also the expected norm in the way agents, staff, management, other associates and interested parties interact.

These vision and values will set a high standard for professionalism in real estate mediation. Our success is based on our employees and managements’ efforts to constantly improve the effectiveness of our mission.

Bozhinoski’s” team works for our clients before, during and after they have fulfilled their real estate needs and requests. Our team’s commitment for constant training and improvement enhances our knowledge of the real estate market and improves the techniques and ways to better serve our client’s unique needs, now and into the future.

We believe in team work, working innovation, professionalism… We strive to preserve and enhance our reputation for integrity through all of our actions.


Integrity and respect – Our basic behavior standards.

Cooperation and trust – A culture of cooperation, trust and information exchange. Having trust in each other helps realize most creative and innovative services for our clients.

Training and development – Continuous improvement of the team to improve the service our clients’ service.

Professionalism – In every aspect of our operation, for everyone and always.

Timeliness and accuracy – Delivering adequate, carefully selected offers to our clients in accordance with their needs.

Credibility – Which we build via expertise, team competence and highly set operation standards.

Honesty and integrity – In our best intentions to achieve our goal to make every client happy and satisfied in their choice.

We want you to be happy when you enter your homes. Still, we are also a little sad when we have to part our ways in the end, which only certifies the good work we have done. However, when you recommend us to your closest friends means that the satisfaction will continue.